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Introducing Leica Jigsaw - The benchmark resource for fleet management, production optimization, high precision guidance, autonomous control and alternative positioning. Integrated onto one software and hardware platform.

Your Mine Management Solution.

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    Office Software

    Each of our software modules can be interchanged and used in any combination across the entire Leica Jigsaw range.  

    The third generation optimization algorithms actively work to reduce shovel hanging and truck queuing times.

    Monitor vehicle health as it happens.

    Import and export data from any machine in multiple formats.

    Reporting made easy.

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    Machine Guidance

    The Leica Jigsaw fleet management system (Jfleet) operates on a distributed database architecture.  

    It is a highly intelligent system that is not reliant on a central server. 

    Each machine automatically tracks and logs its own current activity, position and status.

    The result?

    No data loss – ever.

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    High Precision Machine Guidance

    For high precision guidance - look no further.

    Leica J2guidance is seamlessly integrated with the entire Jfleet FMS.

    The Unified Hardware Platform is OEM independent and can be moved from machine to machine.

    Reduce software and hardware support and training costs.

    Increase your ROI.

    Experience the scalability and flexibility that only Leica Jigsaw can bring.

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    Autonomous Operations

    Our fully and semi-autonomous remote controlled systems remove operators from danger and increase site safety.

    Remotely control a fleet from hundreds of kilometers away.

    Eliminate loss of production due to fatigue or driver error.

    Increase production with driver-less ripping.

    Exclusive guideline convoy system available here only.

    Look no further for the future of mining.

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    Positioning and Communications

    Leica Jassist represents the latest and best technology that will integrate with, support and assist your existing Mine Management Solutions. 

    First in this product revolution is the Leica Jigsaw Positioning System (Jps) - the world's first and ONLY non-GPS-satellite-reliant “GPS” network. 

    Powered by Locata technology, they said it couldn't be done.

    They were wrong.

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